4340 8th street

East Moline, IL 61244

877 – 458 -4231


Proposal For Bid

Bid Date Start 03/01/17

Bid Date End 11/01/17

All work to be performed at $32 per man hour. Plus materials if landscape maintenance is requested. (We do NOT charge for drive time)

** We currently carry a $2,000,000.00 That's right a 2 million dollar general liability insurance policy.

(Please See Attached Proof Of Insurance)

All of our equipment is under warranty from the factory so we can actually guarantee we will be able to service all properties all season long.

We have been in business since 2004.

Our crews show up clean and in matching uniforms, and above all we don't allow smoking or chewing tobacco on any job site period.

Services to be provided for the above time frame are as follows

Lawn Care – mowing (striping appropriately) string trimming, edging all concrete surfaces such as parking lots and sidewalks and blowing off all concrete surfaces along with landscape beds and neighboring streets to make sure properties look presentable at all times.

Garbage Policy – We will remove up to two 5 gallon buckets worth of garbage found in lawns, landscapes, and parking lots during all scheduled visits. If for some reason we are required to remove more trash we will require an additional $5per 5 gallon bucket removed from property and we will document with pictures any event that requires more than two buckets removed. (this rarely happens)

Shrubs – To keep all locations looking there best during the season we will maintain all shrubs and do everything in our power to keep them uniform by pruning every 2 weeks or as needed. We will also perform any fungicide treatments if necessary during the season as well. If for some reason a shrub is past the point of saving we will notify the appropriate party ASAP with pictures and pricing info in a change order to get replaced ASAP to ensure the presentation of the properties  are at there best at all times.

Mulch/Landscapes – If it is decided to re mulch all islands and landscapes to freshen up the look of all of the properties service is being bid for we will provide the service at the same hourly rate as mowing plus price of materials. ( re mulching beds includes removal of old faded mulch along with all weeds if any and once product is installed a pre-emergent will be sprayed on top to prevent weeds from becoming an issue.)

Lawn treatments(optional)-We fertilize our lawns every 4 – 5 weeks depending on weather to ensure a dark green turf that not only makes the properties being treated look better but makes them way less susceptible to weeds and burning out in the scenario of a drough We start the year applying pre-emergents until July to stop all broad leaf weeds from germinating and then apply our nitrogen rich fertilizers to maintain the dark green look and to keep the root structure of the lawn as dense as possible.

Please let us know if lawn treatments are wanted.

To Be billed Monthly to Corporate Center or Individual Branches Due Net 30

Please Email any questions or Acceptances to:


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